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A Handgun is a small or medium-sized firearm that can be wielded in one hand. Most commonly seen in action and zombie-realted movies, handguns are always loaded with 9mm Parabellum rounds. Some Handguns can be customized for ammo capacity, range, firepower, etc.

For less noise, Handguns can be equipped with a supressor.Which makes enemies harder to find you, and muffles the shot making the shots more discreet. At the same time, this weakens the Handgun. Handguns also appeared in survival-horror games like the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series.

List of HandgunsEdit

Here is a list of Handguns:

  • Akdal Ghost
  • ALFA Combat
  • ALFA Defender
  • Arcus 94
  • Arsenal P - M02
  • ASP
  • Astra 400
  • Astra Model 900
  • Astra A-80
  • AutoMag(pistol)
  • AMT AutoMag I
  • AMT AutoMag II
  • AMT AutoMag II
  • AMT AutoMag IV
  • AMT AutoMag V
  • AMT Hardballer
  • AMT Skipper
  • Baby Nambu
  • Ballester Molina
  • Bersa 83
  • Bersa Thunder 380
  • Bersa Thunder 9
  • Berretta Cheetah
  • Berretta 29 BobCat
  • Berretta 3032 TomCat
  • Berretta 418
  • Berretta 87 Target
  • Berretta 92
  • Berretta 92G-SD/96G-SD
  • Berretta 93R
  • Berretta 950 Jetfire
  • Berretta M 1934
  • Berretta M 1935
  • Berretta M 1951
  • Berretta 8000
  • Berretta 9000
  • Berretta Px4 Storm
  • Berretta U22 Neos
  • Bergman Bayard Pistol
  • Bren Ten
  • Browning BDM
  • Browning Buck Mark
  • Browning HP
  • Brugger and Thomet MP9

Magnum RevolversEdit

There are many other types of handguns than the others shown above- and there are some handguns that could blow up and destroy a zombie's head completely. These are called Magnums. Magnums are strong kinds handguns like revolvers.But Magnum revolvers can't carry too much ammo due to the gun mostly being concentrated on firepower.


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